Watch my Edible Garden Masterclass

I filmed my Edible Garden Masterclass that I ran at Holland Park Library last weekend. It was a free community education program - part of Brisbane City Council's sustainable living program. 

I was so delighted. The Masterclass was totally booked out with a huge waiting list. I will be running this workshop a few more times over the next couple of months in other parts of Brisbane - libraries that have community gardens attached.

The entire masterclass was 3 hours including a tour of the community garden and a practical session in the garden. This recording is just the first hour.

You can hear me sharing a wide range of practical information and the first five of my 12 tips for a thriving edible garden. 

You can learn lots more practical ideas and skills in my new subscription program - the Our Permaculture Life Membership Community, for less than $1 a day. 

I also offer a 6 module online course: The Incredible Edible Garden, that is absolutely packed with great ideas and information to get your edible landscape thriving and abundant with ease.  

Register now for my free online Masterclass: 5 keys to creating a perennial and self-seeding garden. 26 February 2018. 


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