Productive Permaculture

Each day or two I am posting another of my 12 ‘P’s of permaculture - simple cues that remind us why we need to rethink the way we live - the big picture, and how we can do things differently.  

#3: Permaculture is productive

Well-designed permaculture systems produce an abundance of food, fibre, medicine, fodder, shelter, mulch, habitat, fuel, organic matter, learning spaces, work places, livelihoods, homes. They are at their heart creative, productive and abundant.

Bill Mollison wrote in Introduction to Permaculture:
"The yield of a system is theoretically unlimited (or only limited by the imagination and information of the designer)".

How many ways can you add extra layers of productivity into your permaculture garden system?

Here are the links to #1 and #2.

#1: Peaceful
#2: Practical

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