Our Permaculture Life: 3 easy steps to make natural calendula salve - just 4 ingredients

3 easy steps to make natural calendula salve - just 4 ingredients

In just 3 simple steps, with only 4 ingredients learn here how to make your own calendula salve simply, quickly and cheaply.  

In this film, I'll show you how to make this fabulous natural first aid and skin healing salve - step by step. It is such a wonderfully useful homemade product using homegrown flowers and the highest quality ingredients.

Use calendula salve to:
- soothe insect bites
- heal cuts and bruises
- smooth rough elbows and knees
- soften chapped lips
- soothe rashes, including nappy rash
- heal minor burns, including sunburn
- ease eczema and psoriasis

Beautiful homemade salve from homegrown flowers.

This recipe is safe for the whole family. Every ingredient I recommend is natural and edible. What you put on your skin, should be good enough to eat!

This is the final part 3 of my series about calendula. The links to the blogposts and youtube films for the first two parts are:

Part 1: Calendula: How to Grow and Use

Part 2: Make Calendula Oil: for skin, healing and eating

I love my permaculture garden for the abundance of fresh food, but a permaculture garden offers just so much more. This is one of those ways.

I hope you enjoyed reading and watching this series on calendula. Feel free to share.

Happy gardening and making!

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