Feeding the Cities: Urban Agriculture Podcast from 612 ABC Evenings with Morag Gamble (16 mins)

Urban Agriculture is a core part of sustainably feeding an increasingly urbanised population. Take a listen in to this 16 minute chat I had on ABC Radio earlier this week with Sarah Howell from the Evening show. I'd just arrived back from the Australian Urban Agriculture Forum in Melbourne and enthused by all the things I had been hearing about.

Morag Gamble on Urban Agriculture, ABC 612 Brisbane Evenings with Sarah Howell

Costa espousing the benefits of verge gardening at this year's QLD Garden Expo. Verge gardens are now being supported by more and more local governments.

Participants regularly enjoy urban gardening workshops at Northey Street City Farm - www.nscf.org.au
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City as Farm: City Dwellers Love to Grow Food

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