Monday, 31 October 2016

Film #16: Cooking With The Sun - Simple Box Solar Cooker with Morag Gamble (2:40)

I love my compact little box solar cooker. It is simple to set up, use and store, and it's an eco-friendly and accessible technology.  I can simultaneously cook four separate dishes in it that taste delicious.

I have just made this little clip (2:40) to show you how it works.

Essentially a solar cooker is a simple oven powered by the sun and does not need gas or electricity. There are many different types, each with their pros and cons. I do however appreciate the simplicity, safety and flexibility of this particular type.

Solar cooking has many benefits including:
- great tasting slow-cooked food
- cannot burn food
- eco-friendly
- free (once the cooker is paid for)
- reduces the need for fossil fuels
- it's an accessible technology that can help poorer communities that have limited access to fuel
- can be made simply and cheaply using many readily accessible materials.

The drawbacks of solar cookers are:
- they do take a bit longer to cook
- you need direct sun
- you cannot use them on an overcast day


  1. Thanks for the video demonstration Morag. With all the sun we have in Queensland a solar cooker like yours certainly makes sense - and it keeps the heat out of the kitchen.

  2. Hi Morag, thank you, a great post! I looked up the Tulsi Solar Oven, did you get it in Australia? cheers Julie

    1. Thanks Julie. Yes, while the Tulsi 110 is made in India, it is available in Australia. I bought it through the Rainbow Power Company, but hey no longer seem to have them. I did see (google search) another company in WA selling them for under $300.