Our Permaculture Life: DIY Super-Easy Origami Seed Envelopes

DIY Super-Easy Origami Seed Envelopes

I collect and forage for seeds wherever I go. To avoid them getting mixed up in my pocket I make little origami seed envelopes on the go. Often they are made out of newspaper or whatever scraps I can find.

I also love to send visitors to my permaculture garden away with handfuls of seeds.  These are perfect and quick to make to give to people.

My daughter loves origami and taught me how to make these.  I am no origami master - these are actually super-easy to make and so convenient.

These envelopes will hold all by the smallest of seeds. 

How to fold the origami seed packet:

Find a square of paper - origami, newspaper, a trimmed down A4 or A5 sheet.

Fold in half diagonally.

Fold one corner across to the other side so the top edge of the fold is parallel with the bottom. 
Fold the opposite corner across.

Take the top piece of the envelope lid and ... 

...tuck it into the pouch at the front.

Flatten and neaten the previous fold 

Now your envelope can be opened and filled.

To close the lid, tuck the remaining envelope lid flap into the same front pouch.

Fold flat - envelope is complete and closed

Always remember to label the packet - plant, where harvested and when.

I found this diagram - it might help you see more clearly how we make the envelopes.

Happy seed collecting and sharing.

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