Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Homemade Treats for Christmas

The kids and I are making a lot of lovely treats for Christmas eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day ... sugar free bliss balls, sugar free fudge, organic gingerbread house, sugar free christmas cake, and homemade fruit mince tarts ...

Maia's sugar-free peanut butter fudge.

This is the recipe my daughter created and typed up for the fudge last month. Everyone loved it. 


  1. The fudge sounds yummy and worth a try! I'm happy to have found you via Down to Earth.

  2. Welcome to my blog Laurie. Please do try this fudge. It is amazing. We've also been experimenting with other flavours. Chocolate is quite a hit with our boys.

  3. So good to find a sugar free fudge recipe! Thank you!

  4. I found this well after Christmas but I do have a birthday gift to make and I think the recipient would love some of this. Great recipe!