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  1. Hi Morag I have come across your blog link when reading the Down to Earth blog, I see that you and your family live a healthy, happy lifestyle and that you built your own home. My partner of 26 years suffers from multiple chemical sensitivity and currently we rent with our youngest child who just turned 18. I am trying to save enough to build a small dwelling for the two of us that hopefully has no petrochemical building products which is what my partner is allergic too (his symptoms are very similar to those with chronic fatigue). As you built your own eco home could you recommend any safe products we could use. when building our dwelling.

    Yours sincerely

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      Thanks for writing. Yes it can be quite a challenge finding the right information, and having the time to delve deeply into the source of many products - other's so much out there.

      I aimed to keep our house materials and finishes as simple and natural as possible. I don't suffer from chemical sensitivity like your husband, but I am mildly sensitive and also much prefer to raise my kids in a clean and clear environment.

      While building we chose wood, plaster and natural finishes like Milk Paint from Porters Paint. We avoid rugs and synthetic fabrics. We have cotton covers on our couch. We use only natural cleaners indoors.

      Evan has recommended a couple of websites and books you might like to refer to. - for searching individual products for building
      - Chemical Free Home Robin Stewart
      - The Healthy House Book Author Baggs (Aust)
      Best wishes,

  2. Hi, Morag, I attended both your workshops last Saturday at The Planting, and had a ball, thank you. I'm very inspired to make my own creams, lotions etc, and have started looking for a source of suitable beeswax. Thank you for explaining it all so simply. Nicola Fraser

    1. Hello again, Morag. Just wanted to give you an update.
      I've found some beeswax and made lotions and creams galore. My favourite recipe is your Lotion Bars recipe but today I made some cream using a variation of your Aloe Vera cream recipe. I'm having such fun and REALLY like knowing exactly what I'm putting on my skin. Thank you. Nicola Fraser

  3. Hi Morag, I just came across your blog. My housemate who is Asian Australian makes these drinks with basil seeds. My basil has plenty of seeds I'll have to get him to show me how to make these 'slimming' drinks ;-) Also, a permie village sounds intriguing do you collectively farm or have our own space. Keep up the great work! Thanks Elle.

  4. Hi Morag,
    My first step for PlasticFree July was to buy a pack of these bags for myself & a pack for my daughter in Darwin:
    BTW we are ex CWPV 1986 - 1996. Lot 24 Kathryn the 1st on that block

  5. Hi morag, I just wanted to ask you what you think of the tumbling composters work. Thanks kay

  6. Dear Morag, just came across your inspiering blogg a few weeks ago. Thank you for all your posts!
    Me and my family (currently live in Sweden) are buying land and building a cob house to live in rural Panma. The lot is situated in the highlands and the lowest degree in winter is at +18 celcius ( an average of 25 deg. celc. thruout the year).
    My question is if you have any tips on how to build the house so as to work with the sun/shade (what is the most important part to consider to keep the rooms cool in summer etc?). I am a certified PDC but am used to cold climates and need some advise on building in warmer regions, I think our zones might be a bit similar!

    Best regards, Jenny

  7. Hello Morag, do you have any posts and pics of how you made your terraced gardens? Thanks Nanette

  8. Hi Morag, I found your no dig garden videos and was so happy to having found a simple technic that doesn't kill the underground life but encourages it do do it's job even better... and I won't break my back. I have 2 questions. I leave in Ontario, Canada and our winters are cold. When would be the best time to prepare our garden beds with your technic? Spring when the ground is defrosted and before planting or in the fall before the ground freezes? How do I proceed with seeds needing to be planted directly (root vegetables like carrots, beets, etc.)?
    Thanks for any advice you can provid. Sylvie

  9. Hi Morag, have recently come across your videos on you tube whilst looking for inspiration. Our family with my husband, myself and 3 young boys are about to move to a small farm we have recently purchased. Complete blank canvas of dairy paddocks. Just wanted to say thank you for what you do, and for sharing your knowledge. You have certainly inspired me! Please keep it up and I hope to implement a lot of your ideas. Danielle from Nth Queensland