Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Community shared milking: a neighbourhood farming project

I am part of a cow collective, a small group of neighbours who share the care of a few lovely cows and their calves for milking.  In this film I explains how it works and take you with my family down to the farm.

We take turns in milking and so milk just once a week. We take home around 20 litres which we use for awesomely fresh coffee cream, wicked smoothies, delicious yoghurt, kefir and superb cheeses.

Our kids love the milking morning, caring for the calves and cows. Working together with community makes things easier. We all share the care, the cost, the milking and the abundance.

Shared farming projects could provide an answer for many small-scale and urban agriculture activities.

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  1. Bonjour Morag....Ca Va...???...(From Normandy, France)

    That is such a neat idea to share milk...

    I own and have others run 1000 sheep, 100 Beef cows & 150 dairy cows up in Scotland on what can be termed as a factory farm...(Something that I am not proud of at all...) but for my own sanity I choose to live here in Normandy France and have done for quite some time....

    Over the last month I have become involved in setting up a brand new charity project to preserve a 300 year old barn with land is me planification (amongst other things ) is to set a sustainable organic/bio permaculture ''No dig'' fruit/flower and veg garden to service a small farm shop within the is also my intention to do a veg box scheme for/to my nearest neighbours....Field to Fork less than Four Minutes......but what is buggin' me is that I really would like a wee cow (Dexter) to complement the chucks/rabbits/turkeys/ etc etc that I intend to buy, but because I run other business's and another quite large European charity the 7 times twice a day commitment would not work....but having just watched your video you have given me such inspiration (which is always your want when I watch your excellent videos...which are brilliant...totally natural presentation...and as I said you are quite inspiring...Merci Beaucoup)

    Soooooooooo thanks to you I now have a solution "A Share Milk Wee Dexter Cow"

    Merci encore

    Warmest Regards To You et Votre Famille For a Happy, Healthy, & Hearty New Year

    Madame Scarecrow

  2. Oh, Morag, I just love it, what a fabulous thing to be involved in, the kids must love it. Such a holistic practice, making sure the cows are lovingly cared for is just wonderful. That video just made my day. Thanks for sharing another facet of your life.
    Have a lovely day.