40 things I call spinach greens ...

Spinach is a very loose term around here. Anything green that can be tossed into soups, stir-fries, stews, curries, quiches gets called a spinach green (even though it is sometimes purple).

I love the idea of taking a leaf from this and leaf from that. This way of harvesting...

These are some of the things I toss into my basket as a 'spinach' mix:
  1. silverbeet
  2. rainbow chard
  3. four types of kale
  4. four types of mustard greens
  5. pea shoots
  6. fava greens
  7. cranberry hibiscus
  8. Surinam spinach
  9. Brazilian spinach
  10. pumpkin leaves
  11. sweet potato leaves
  12. taro leaves
  13. cassava leaves (boiled first separately)
  14. comfrey
  15. borage
  16. amaranth
  17. landcress
  18. sorrel
  19. kang kong
  20. okinawan spinach
  21. mushroom plant
  22. broccoli leaves
  23. celery leaves
  24. beetroot leaves
  25. chickweed
  26. purslane
  27. dandelion
  28. lamb's quarters
  29. dock
  30. nettle
  31. wood sorrel
  32. lush young cobbler's pegs
  33. nasturtium leaf
  34. young turmeric leaves
  35. young QLD arrowroot leaves
  36. young pomegranate leaves
  37. young fig leaves
  38. young choko leaves
  39. yarrow leaves
  40. welsh onion leaves
You get the picture. This is just the beginning really. There are so many edible greens everywhere. There's no point struggling to grow one or two types when such abundance is possible easily in a polycultural resilient garden.

Make every day is different and delightful by expanding the repertoire of greens. Become a forager.

What greens do you favour and appreciate in your garden?

Happy gardening. Feel free to share this post.

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