Propagate Rosemary with Ease (4 min film): Our Permaculture Life, Morag Gamble

Learn how to simply propagate Rosemary- the wonderfully hardy, aromatic and versatile herb. 

Rosemary is one of the most popular herbs grown by gardeners around the world. It is a perennial culinary and medicinal herb - excellent in a dry spot in your garden.

Watch my new short film (4 mins) to find out two simple methods to make many plants from one. 

Do this and you'll never need to buy rosemary again. Taking cuttings from rosemary, and other herbs, is easy and rewarding, and gives you a constant supply.

Christmas is coming soon and there's still enough time to grow some rosemary gifts. Perhaps there's some other plants too that you could also propagate in interesting upcycled pots.

Rosemary is great in so many meals, but it's also excellent for your hair. You can read my recent blogpost for more information about how rosemary helps promote healthy hair.

Happy gardening. Feel free to share this post.

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