Morag's 5 tips for living simply

What does it take to live a simpler life? Where do you start?

Here is the link to a recording from my Simple Life segment on ABC Radio this week. Evenings presenter, Trevor Jackson and I explore my five tips for ways to simplify. (17:43 mins).

Here's a brief summary:

1. Live with intent: live consciously: give value to simplicity: make time to change.

2. Want less: be happy with less: share or gift surplus: make a conscious choice to live with less.

3. Spend less: purchase quality items: avoid big stores : buy second hand : make things last.

4. Grow food: eat local: choose simple food: eat together: zero waste: take lunch or a picnic.

5. Make time to do more 'real' things - grow, make, cook, do, explore, adventure, build ...unplug and really connect.

If you want change to happen, ask "If not me, then who? If not now, when?"

This is a recording of me speaking live on Queensland ABC Radio. It is the final 2017 show in this ABC Radio series. My weekly simple life segment has been part of the Evening Show aired at 9:30 pm. All recordings can be found on my podcast:

Visit my youtube channel for over 45 practical clips on how to live simply:

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