What is real Good Food: Morag's ABC Radio Simple Life segment 29 August

What is good food - real good food?

This is Simple Life segment recorded live at 9:30, August 29th as part of the Evening Show on ABC Radio QLD with Trevor Jackson.

GOOD FOOD: GOOD LIFE (17:46 mins)

Good food for salad and eggy bake.

Pigeon pea. Have you tried it? This plant has been used as a dahl ingredient for 1000s years.

In this week's conversation I weave a story of food to explain how good food is more than a good recipe or even good ingredients. Good food is about the rich tapestry of connections that are cultivated through the food - the connections with the seasons, with our local environment, with the soil, with neighbours, with friends, with each other in our family, with our play, with our learning and our workplace.

I've been in pursuit of real good food for 25 years after being inspired by my experience of living with Ladakhi villagers on the other side of the Himalayas. Since then I have always sought to connect with food, value simple home-grown produce, learn how to cook from scratch, and also learn as much as I can about plants, growing, harvesting, collecting and preparing.

I hope you enjoy listening to this week's conversation. You can tune in live every Tuesday evening from around 9:30pm on 612 ABC Radio. If you'd like to receive notification of all my podcasts you can subscribe to my newsletter and subscribe to my Soundcloud channel.

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Spectacular Okinawan spinach - great leafy green to add to a perennial garden.

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