Saturday, 12 August 2017

What is a good life? Two questions for you...

I am working on my book, the Good Life Guide, and would love your input.

Here's two questions for you.

I look forward to your responses and thank you in advance. :-)


  1. In answer to your first question I'd say that for me the good life is one where I am conternt with where I am, and what I have right now in this moment. That I am doing my best for myself, others and the planet and am filled with gratitude for what I have right now. Of course the good life for a 70 something might be quite different to that of a younger person and I used to strive towards self sustainability working in teaching, growing veggies on a couple of allotments, keeping a few hens and trying to be as green as I could always striving towards some ideal whereas now for me the good life is living in the moment and remembering that to live at all is miracle enough!

  2. Hi Morag, for me the Good Life is a balance of work and play whilst receiving an abundant income for, both having more than enough for our family and to give back to the world. Work and play being part of the same lifestyle - doing what we love and being able to travel and experience Australia and the world with our family. (I've not had the pleasure of doing this but am working on it!). It's about abundance but living simply, living naturally, living wholesomely in all areas. I might sound like an idealist but it's what I'm striving for - it makes my heart sing! And I believe we can create our life just the way we desire! Thanks. Tara

  3. The Good Life for me means balance. Balancing home life, family life, health, spirituality and fun. I'm not sure if I ever achieve it!
    I would love to hear more about how you achieve it, Morag - in particular the homeschooling aspect. How do you educate your children while still finding time to follow your own dreams and interests?

  4. Over the years I have come to knowing that keeping my family...children and grandchildren, close is the most important thing for my peace of mind. I consciously organize get togethers so we touch base with each other often. They sometimes balk but I know in their hearts it grounds them and of course me.

    Of course nothing is more important than Our health which, as a natural foods personal chef, is always for me connected to a healthy diet of organic, local seasonal food grown either by myself or the many trusted farmers nearby.

    Remembering to balance work and fun, which often involves spending time outdoors, exploring the natural beauty of New England (USA) with friends and family...and of course always music and dancing!

  5. I love Marigols's reply and it seems to encapsulate where my family is also at. We love to hear, Morag, whatever you are at - but I would love to hear it 'warts and all' - we are now past the idealistic. We have been trying to do our damnedest to live this way, often with little familiar or social support. We exult in your successes but we also feel assuaged by your occasional failure. This is an ongoing battle! Keep up the fight!

  6. Morag, To be healthy and strong enough to homestead would be the good life for me. Real basic.
    To be surrounded by what you grow, living off of the land. Being free to create. Living near
    a supportive community where there are others of a like mind. That would be Good.