Slow down and shop sustainably

What you buy, and what you don't buy, can have enormously positive impacts for people, for animals, for diversity, for the planet and local communities and economies.

Australia has a huge consumer appetite, one of the biggest of all countries. We are what the ACF calls, ecological 'bigfoots'.

That we care to make a change is important. It's what makes a difference. We can no longer turn a blind eye to the environmental impact of our consumer culture, and also the devastating impact it is having on the wellbeing of the poorest people on earth. We are all connected and what we do matters.

You can listen to my latest Simple Life Segment on ABC radio for a discussion about these issues and accessible ways to rethink we buy things - all things really! Every Tuesday night I chat with Trevor Jackson, Evening Show host, at around 9:30pm. I hope you can tune in.

It's not easy, but it's possible to find alternatives. It is empowering - taking back control of what we use in our daily lives, to meet the needs of our family and in our workplaces.

It would be great to hear where you think change can be made, and ways you've been able to make changes in your consumption patterns.

Growing and sourcing fresh seasonal food from local sustainable sources is a great way to be an ecoconsumer.

Here's a few references that I thought might be useful, just a small selection:

What other great resources do you know of and use to help you change your buying patterns?

Choose natural, sustainably grown and compostable fibres. 

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