Permaculture thinking skills for teenagers

Permaculture thinking and skills are what the next generation need. Mentoring young people in applied systems thinking, practical skills for resilience, and collaborative design processes is the core of my work.

My goal is to inspire, show that another way is possible, bring hope and encourage them to say "Yes - that's what I want to be part of!"

I cannot imagine anything more important that I would rather be doing.

We've had 150 students in our garden and village this week. The feedback from them, their teachers and parents has been just fantastic.

Here's my reflection (my youtube link), and I've included some comments from teachers and students below:

Here's some feedback from the teachers....

Hi Morag and Evan 
That was the most awesome camp ever! How rewarding must it be that you can finally do the whole camp with all your own achievements having a totally self sufficient education program. 
The students so enjoy your patience and passion and how you all embody the true permaculture life style. 
Thank you once again - it was awesome.

Hi Morag and Evan,  
Thank you both so much for the breadth of your lessons last week. I just loved being part of the two days with looking at the wholistic part that people play in the world. Your sustainable life, practical tips, creative problem solving task, mindfulness and putting it all in perspective the time humans have been on Earth gave such a wonderful picture to me and the students involved. Your calmness when teaching teenagers was noted and you both deserve a medal for remaining so positive.  
You inspired me, even in my very small urban plot, to start a no dig garden which I created on the weekend. Also Jottie has shown her class “The war on waste” which hopefully will add to the impact of last weeks excursion on the decisions they will make in their lives.  
I hope our paths meet again.
And direct email from students too...
Hello Morag, Evan and the kids, 
I was part of the class that attended your place last week for our geography camp.
I wanted to say a massive thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all of the effort and time you put towards teaching us about permaculture and your lives. 
I really felt I learnt something from my few days with you all and just wanted to let you know, even if a few days late. 

And a student from a few years ago just wrote to say:
Coming to your home was one of my favourite experiences at school!!

You can listen to my radio segment recorded from ABC Radio Queensland (612ABC) on Tuesday 1 August about permaculture for the next generation (click link below). The school camp group had just arrived and I was gearing up for a wonderful 3 days with them.

Perhaps you have a group of students you'd like to bring here too? We welcome all ages.

Morag's workshops coming soon


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