Permaculture for the next generation

Over the next few posts I'll be exploring this topic as we welcome lots of school students into our garden and village for an immersion into permaculture thinking and action. I'll look at why permaculture is so important for children and how we can bring it into their everyday lives more. Please join me conversation about this.

Permaculture thinking, systems thinking, is the basis for our homeschooled children's education too. I have noticed how deeply young children grasp the bigger picture concepts, and it is such a joy to see how it is their 'normal'.   

The types of skills students cultivate by participating in these programs are those they will need to be adaptable and resilient adults, able to contribute to a positive future. 

There is so much about living well that can be learnt in a garden, in nature.

Last week we welcomed 100 grade 6 students into our garden exploring permaculture design thinking, permaculture lifestyle strategies and practical skills for resilience. It was a head, heart and hands day - lots of ideas, hands on and deep questioning.  The feedback from the students, the teachers, the parents was wonderful. I love working in this way.

Last week Year 6 class spent a day with us learning about permaculture as a connecting theme for exploring design, technology and science. 

Walking between my garden and the village gives us a chance to be in nature, to breathe fresh air, explore ecovillage design ideas, land regeneration concepts, wildlife habitat restoration, to reflect on what they have seen and casually chat, to stop and observe birds, kangaroos and wallabies.  
Today a group 50 students arrive, this time for 3 days - a year 11 geography camp. Again, it is an integrated program delving into practical, personal and community approaches to sustainable living, locally and globally, with connecting thinking at its core.

We've been leading camps for year 11 and 12 geography classes in our garden and village for 20 years.

Lunch at the village green under the shade of the leguminous trees.
Ready and waiting for the next group to get hands on....


Listen to 612ABC Radio tonight (1 August, 9:30pm) as I explore permaculture for the next generation on my Simple Living segment. I'll post a recording of it in my next post in case you missed it.

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