3 simple uses for Calendula leaves

I love calendula (Calendula officinalis). I look forward to it colouring my garden every year with it's gorgeous flowers. It only stays for a while, then it gets too hot here in the subtropics. I have coloured my house walls with orange and yellow of the blooms. Their colour is so uplifting.

But, what can you do with the leaves while you are waiting for those beautiful calendula flowers to bloom?

1. Salad

I had a little nibble of the leaves today as I was gardening. They go really well mixed into a salad. 

2. Cooked Green

A common name for calendula is pot marigold, because people used to throw the the leaves in the cooking pot as a spinach alternative. Another winter green for me for when my subtropical summer leaves have retreated - sweet potatoes, Brazilian spinach ...

3. Poultice

Did you know that the leaves can also be made into a poultice? This is good for speeding up the healing of scratches and little cuts - perfect for the kids when they have a tumble in the garden.... let them know "go and grab a calendula leaf, crush it and gently rub it on".  Mine are planted close to where little Monty is learning to ride his bike.

How do you use calendula leaves?

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