Saturday, 8 July 2017

Simply beautiful edibles - a gardener's meditation

This Saturday I am running a school holiday workshop with children to create with patterns in nature - a topic I love to explore. 

An edible garden is a wonderful place to see natural patterns. We can observe the same series of patterns in nature at the micro and macro. Deepening our understanding of natural patterns helps us to work with nature.  More about that another time ....

For me it's like a gardener's meditation - slowing down, looking closely and appreciating the beautiful forms of the plants around me.

What is your favourite plant in the garden?

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  1. Picking a favourite plant is very hard! I adore sweet peas because of their delicate petals and indescribably beautiful scent plus they connect me with memories of my Grandparents because they grew them in their garden. I have some in my garden this year and they are beginning to form buds! In terms of veg, lettuce would have to be a favourite because they are easy to grow, come in so many forms, pick and come again varieties are wonderful and they save us a lot of money! Meg:)

    1. Lovely selection Meg. Lettuce is great for all the reasons you mention - and I just love all the colours and textures that they add into the garden closest to my house.

  2. Love to bring Hattie tomorrow ...and my camera. Can we fit in?

    1. Hi Jody, Sorry I missed your message. The workshop was in Mitchelton though, so probably not so good for you. Hopefully will run some more kids workshops up here next hols. Morag xox

  3. I love it all but passionfruit has a special place in my season you can just about see them growing and my daughter is always making mini sculptures with the spirals that whined and twist in all directions, searching from the next place to hold.

  4. Lavender for smell
    Pod Peas for their deliciousness (baby peas and even the podscwere yummy!) and memories of munching my way thru Grandparents garden, Nanny trying to teach me to whistle, me saying it was silly as I couldn't eat the peas doing that ( poor Nanny, trying to make the most of their harvest!)
    Purple Pansies for their deep purple and velvet petals
    Blue Hydrangeas- a specialty of Nanny
    Sunflowers!! And getting to enjoy them before marauding grasshoppers eat their petals ��
    Oh gee, ive gotten carried away. Did i mention Brocoli ? My favourite vege , steamed, on its own, in a salad, in hommous or a soup. One of the few very good for you foods i love ! Im yet to have a go at growing it tho.