How much money do we really need to live well?

How much money do we really need to live well? 

What if we decided to work less and instead spend more time with our children/family/friends, in nature, doing things we loved, contributing to community projects, learning and sharing more?

What is your good life? 

What brings you joy, happiness and meaning?

What is your measure of wealth and success?

What makes your life rich?

What brings a real sense of security and peace of mind?

How can we live well and work within the means of the planet?

These are some of the questions I explored with Trevor Jackson on ABC radio on 25 July during my weekly simple living segment.

From the Evening Show, QLD ABC Radio 612 on 25 July 2017.

This conversation is based on my observations of interesting community economies around the world, but also from my personal experience. 

I live a debt-free life in an ecovillage and feel I have a life full of abundance and freedom. 

I typically work one day a week for income offering various forms education for sustainable living - and that is enough for our family of five. The rest of my time is spent in learning and sharing (making films, writing etc), homeschooling, growing food, being in nature, helping eco-community projects, and getting involved with my local community.  

It is my conscious choice to live simply, live well, embrace the things which I value most, be present and fully involved in the things that spark joy in my life (and those closest to me), do things that I feel enable me to make a positive contribution in the world, and raise children that are aware, engaged, compassionate and active citizens who have the education, skills and opportunities they need.

I'd love to hear some of your responses to the questions above....

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