7 ways to eat mustard spinach - food for free

I'm so delighted that Mustard Greens keep coming back in my garden, year after year. With absolutely no assistance they provide me with so much free food.

There are so many ways you can eat mustard spinach (Brassica juncea). It is such an wonderful and easy plant to have growing in your garden.

This is the link to a 3 minute video I just uploaded to my YouTube channel about this plant

This self-seeding annual keeps bringing abundance into my garden each year - a wonderful volunteer that brings many gifts. 

These are seven parts of the plant that I eat regularly.
  1. young leaves
  2. mature leaves
  3. young shoots
  4. florettes
  5. flowers
  6. young pods
  7. seeds

Mustard spinach has a short life cycle. It grows quickly and also goes to seed quickly, so make the most of the abundance at each stage of it's life.

Mustard spinach is a great plant for beginners and one that I find is left alone by wildlife. I love the even spicier purple variety too.

Here is how to save the seeds:

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