The Edible Beauty Garden

I recently wrote saying I don't buy beauty products or make-up, but of course I still like to look after myself but without all the toxins in conventional products. Thankfully, my face has always rejected these things - feelings of itchiness, burning, smothering, sore eyes ...

On my hair, face and body I just love to use things straight from my garden - fresh and vital - and seasonal too. It's so incredibly simple, and pretty much free.

So not only can your edible and medicinal garden be incredibly beautiful, it can be the source of your own simple homemade non-toxic beauty (skin, hair, body) products, along with a couple of ingredients from your pantry.

Here are four simple things I do.

Hair conditioner




If you'd like to find out more, I have a workshop coming up on August 12 - DIY Natural Beauty Products.

 August 12: DIY Natural Beauty Products

What are your favourite homemade beauty products using the things you have in your edible garden?

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