More food: less waste (including podcast link)

How can we grow way more food -  simply by just shifting the way we think? It comes down to what we see as food?  

Perennial plants are hugely abundant, and it is incredible how much of each of the food plants we throw away - parts that are totally edible, and delicious and nutritious too. We need to get to know our food plants a lot better, listen to different cultures' ways of using plants, listen to elders and be willing to change patterns of behaviour. 

It's simple but it radically changes our relationship to vegetable gardening - all of a sudden there is a sense of ease, because we see the abundance that has been surrounding us all the time.

This week, as ABC Radio's Simple Life Correspondent, I explored simple backyard abundance with Trevor Jackson on the statewide Evening show. We chatted about cultivating fabulously productive backyard edible landscapes simply and affordably, and with minimum input of effort and time.

Did you know that the leaves of a sweet potato plant are actually more nutritious than the roots, same with beetroot? 

Did you know that the leaves of pumpkin plants are edible, and the seeds, flowers, shoots too? Read more here: 

Here's a great recipe for pumpkin leaves:

Quite often much of the food grown in backyard gardens is overlooked and tossed away. And then there's all those wonderful edible weeds.... 

In this podcast linked below, I explore a number of easy-to-grow perennials that provide an abundance of food your backyard.

Take a listen to my eleven minute Simple Living segment:

ABC Radio Simple Living Segment: Simple Backyard Abundance 30 May 2017

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