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Urban agriculture is the theme of my podcast this week. From next week, my Simple Life segment will be aired live on ABC radio every Tuesday night at around 9:30 (moved from Thursday).  You can tune into Evenings on 612ABC.


With about 90% of Australians living in cities, more than ever we need to take urban agriculture seriously and support the flourishing of food growing in the city - for the health of people and the planet. A healthy city is one that can feed itself. 

Urban agriculture is actually a huge global phenomenon, but often quite unnoticed. Over 800 million people are involved in doing urban agriculture (mostly in developing countries), producing over a fifth of the world's food. In Australia, around a quarter of our food is grown in urban and peri-urban areas on just 3% of the agricultural land. There is rapidly growing interest. In 2013, a study by The Australia Institute reported that 48% of people are likely to grow food at home. 

From another perspective, urban agriculture is important because around 400,000 Queenslanders experience food insecurity every year and urban food growing can help people access fresh, cheap or free local food.

Here Evenings host, Trevor Jackson and I, talk about urban agriculture. In this podcast I explore a wide range of issues that urban agriculture helps us to address including: 

We need to rethink the city as a farm and explore how food growing can be incorporated into every neighbourhood and every new development.

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