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There's something really connecting about wandering out into your garden and freshly harvesting an array of leaves and flowers to brew up a wonderfully aromatic tea - whether it be balcony or backyard. It is a great way to reconnect with nature and self - slowing down, appreciating, observing

My favourites are:

I love these teas not only for their benefit to my wellbeing and that of my family, but because they contribute to the ecological balance in my garden too.

What are your favourite garden teas?

Tonight I spoke with Trevor Jackson on 612 ABC Radio Evenings about "Slow Tea" as part of being a simple living correspondent. You can listen here.

A previous post I wrote about herb teas can be found here:

This weekend Evan and I are hosting a permaculture garden tour and morning tea to celebrate International Permaculture Day (May 7th). We will show all the key features of our permaculture home and garden and let people harvest and brew up their own tea combinations.

I was amazed - in just over 24 hours the tickets for this tour had sold out, so I released some more and they sold out too.  To make sure that we don't overcrowd in the garden and everyone can hear and see, we've stopped taking bookings for the May 6th tour now and have decided to open our garden again next Crystal Waters Market day: Saturday June 3rd. 

We hope you can come along on June 3rd. This is a ticketed event - please make sure you get your tickets booked early. Here's the link. We look forward to welcoming you to our permaculture place.

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