Comfrey: how to use, harvest and propagate (Film #30 with Morag Gamble: 8 mins)

I love Comfrey (Symphytum officinale) - a perennial multi-functional plant that is so valuable in my permaculture system. 

Film #30: Comfrey: how to use, harvest and propagate.

In my new short film, I introduce some of the many uses of Comfrey and demonstrate how to simply divide a comfrey plant to have many cuttings to add to your garden, or share with your friends.

In my garden, I use comfrey:

Easy DIY Comfrey Fertiliser

I made another Youtube clip a while ago about how to make comfrey fertiliser. The link is:

DIY Comfrey Salve

In this film, Morag also chats with her daughter, Maia - a budding herbalist, about a couple of the medicinal uses of comfrey.

At home, we always make sure we have comfrey salve at hand for bumps, bruises, sprains and cuts - with three active young kids, this is often in need.  I have written before about how to make the comfrey oil which is the base for the salve. You can find this post here: Watch out for a new film soon about how to make the salve.

Comfrey grows in most places

Comfrey is found around the world, can thrive in most soil types and so easy to use and propagate. Morag recommends that every permaculture garden integrate this wonderful plant.

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