Kitchen Garden Polyculture: Managing the Abundance

I love my polycultural kitchen garden here in the Australian subtropics. It's always full of food, flavours, teas, medicines, bees and wildlife - no matter what season, and it always looks lush and colourful. My kitchen garden is really a forest of food, for not just me but the many other species that also call it home.

I have found that they key to supporting a thriving and diverse polycultural and mostly perennial kitchen garden is managing the abundance - not letting things take over.

Each plant brings so many benefits and can be used in so many ways. They each contribute to the dynamic balance in the cultivated ecology that is a permaculture kitchen garden.

New film

In this short film, I discuss this and show you how I use and manage one of my favourite bushtucker trees (Lemon Myrtle: Backhousea citriodora) that is right up close in my zone 1 permaculture garden - just off my verandah next to the entrance path.

I hope you enjoy watching this week's film (the rain affected the film quality a bit, but was wonderful for the soil and plants!).

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