How to Make a No-Dig Garden: Morag Gamble's Method for Simple Abundance - Our Permaculture Life Film #20 (18 mins)

I love no-dig gardens. All my gardens are made this way.  They are simple, effective, affordable and abundant!

In this film I show you how I make it step-by-step.  Over two decades I have refined my way of creating these gardens and want to share this easy method with you. I use it to make new gardens and replenish existing ones. I've used it in school gardens, community gardens, university gardens too. It's great for beginners and children too, and encouraging too when things grow so well!

My way of doing no-dig gardening is a little different from the books. The main difference is that I put the newspaper last before the mulch, rather than on the ground. In my experience, this helps to reduce watering and weeding, and more rapidly build soil health and depth. The food gardens I make using this method are not just healthy and productive, but really very abundant and easy-care.

Click on the image below to watch the 18 minute film:

This way of gardening is so simple, effective and affordable and also it:
- reduces watering and weeding dramatically;
- builds soil rapidly and nurtures soil life;
- creates environment for growing healthy and abundant food;
- is easy to make;
- uses simple materials.

More information

You can find a previous post showing a photographic step-by-step guide of my no-dig garden method here:

In the film I also use comfrey tea. You can read more about how to make this here: and, or watch my 5 minute YouTube clip about how to make it:

On my YouTube Channel, Our Permaculture Life (, you can also find many other practical films about my simple approach to creating abundant food gardens.

Enjoy, and please share!

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