10 Reasons to Climb a Tree

Have you, your kids, or grandkids climbed a tree lately? Not only is it great fun, there are so many reasons to shake off the shoes and scramble up a tree.  
  1. Discovery and connection - as you climb and get to know a tree intimately, you connect with nature and explore the incredible diversity of species that live in and on trees
  2. Perspective - see the world from a different angle, from a birds-eye view
  3. Contemplation - up a tree is a calm and quiet place to be alone with your thoughts
  4. Challenge - some trees are quite tricky to negotiate and it requires quite a lot of strategic thinking to work it out.
  5. Face Fears - climbing a tree can be scary, and sometimes coming down can be scarier - being up a tree helps us to build confidence and self-esteem
  6. Energy, Strength and Coordination - climbing uses energy, builds physical strength and cultivates coordination.
  7. Slow and focussed - being in nature and climbing a tree slows us down and helps us to concentrate and focus for an extended period - a wonderful contrast in our fast-paced society.
  8. Creativity and imagination - typically when my little one is climbing a tree (above) there is a huge story happening with it, usually around an encounter with amazing and dangerous wildlife, and being a rescuer and protector of that animal...most kids, alone or with a group of others will be cultivating wonderful worlds up the tree.
  9. Resilience - a few little cuts and grazes from tree-climbing adventures don't seem to stop the fun 
  10. Happiness - the sense of absolute delight at being up in the tree, connected with it, above the action ... brings great smiles to my kids faces
I want to keep going with this list, but I think it's unnecessary. We all get it - we just need to get out and find more spaces to do it. Our trees are still pretty young here, but more and more we're cultivating climbers. We find better ones though around the community and down by the river.

Where are the best climbing trees near your place?

I just came across a couple of websites with listings of great climbing trees in Brisbane.  I wonder if there are similar listings elsewhere

Our Permaculture Life YouTube Channel - a collection of practical films about Morag Gamble's simple approach to creating abundant edible landscapes.

Enjoy, and please share!

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