A Simple and Eco-Cultural Way to Enjoy Christmas/New Year: Woodford Folk Festival Opened Today

I so enjoyed our simple Christmas at home sharing a healthy summer spread of homegrown and simple raw & home-cooked foods, followed by a walkabout in the ecovillage and forest gully.

Today the incredibly wonderful Woodford Folk Festival opened. This international festival of ecological thinking, action, culture, music, arts is just 25 minutes from us and runs through until New Year's Day. We plan to be there every day enjoying a most amazing cultural, art and musical immersion - all with an ecological twist. 

Here's a few photos from today. 

We started our day today leading our Patterns in Nature workshop in the Children's Festival, joined in a dance workshop, watched raucous children's comedy, got totally into a acrobatic comedy show, heard lots of great music, joined the end of a singing session, saw an amazing group using plastic bags as instruments, enjoyed some fresh mango icy-poles and Indian food, loved the great bamboo structures, created stories in the performance art stages around the site, joined in on the whole festival game.

Tomorrow we're hoping to be there longer and catch much more amazing action, and head to some talks too with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, ex-PM Bob Hawke, and Em. Prof Ian Lowe. Can't wait. It's Evan's birthday too - what a great way to celebrate!

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