A Resilient Garden: Home Food Growing in Unpredictable Weather

Droughts, storms and unpredictable weather can be challenging for the home food gardener.

It's important to get to know what are the resilient and robust plants in your garden that can provide food reliably despite the challenges. My strategy is to make sure these plants form the backbone of my garden and I then interplant with the more delicate plants. That way I'll be sure to always have something in the garden to eat.

I've had a good chance to check this out again recently, and to refine my strategies. The dry season here went on much longer than usual, and in transition to summer we've had massive storms with huge hail and very strong winds.

After the storm I wanted to find out what plants were still thriving in the garden and what we had left to eat.

I also wanted to look at where in the garden things survived the best. Not surprisingly, the diverse layered food forest area was the least affected.

Take a look at my new film as I show you through the garden a week after the big storms hit.

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