Tiny Space Gardening: a Simple Vertical Verge Garden

Simple and beautiful abundance can be created from very small spaces. I love this vertical community garden from one plant grown in a tiny verge of less than .3 square metres.

This single grape vine, growing from a very small opening in the pavement, is trained up to each of the balconies of this old style four-storey apartment building. 

I spotted this many years ago in the old capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, and was inspired to consider the possibilities we often overlook in all the nooks and crannies around our living spaces.

In this example, residents on every floor not only benefit from the grapes and edible leaves, but from it's dense and cooling shade in the summer months. 

The plant is watered by a downpipe redirected into the soil, and notice too the guild planting of legumes and herbs at its base.

What small spaces can you find that could be simply and abundantly filled with urban edibles?

I am reminded of small-scale abundance whenever I see this image from central Bulgaria many years ago.  Photo: Morag Gamble

 Grape vines are a source of great abundance - fruit, leaves, seeds.

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