My Toilet Makes Compost - No Water, No Chemicals, No Smell

My toilet makes compost. It's a dry compost toilet. It simply and effectively turns our waste into usable compost that can be buried in the (non-vegetable) garden.

Here is a little introductory video to show you what it looks like and how it works.

Here's some of the reasons I love my composting toilet:

This is a super simple and effective waterless toilet. The toilet room and the finished compost do not smell.

Every few weeks we add a little extra high carbon material, like sawdust, to maintain the carbon-nitrogen balance. 

We have thrown a few handfuls of composting worms into the system to add extra composting power.

Clivus Multrum
This particular toilet is a Clivus Multrum 8 which is suitable for a household of up to 5 people. There are DIY plans in the internet for Clivus Minimus.  Click here for one example.

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