Film #16: Cooking With The Sun - Simple Box Solar Cooker with Morag Gamble (2:40)

I love my compact little box solar cooker. It is simple to set up, use and store, and it's an eco-friendly and accessible technology.  I can simultaneously cook four separate dishes in it that taste delicious.

I have just made this little clip (2:40) to show you how it works.

Essentially a solar cooker is a simple oven powered by the sun and does not need gas or electricity. There are many different types, each with their pros and cons. I do however appreciate the simplicity, safety and flexibility of this particular type.

Solar cooking has many benefits including:
- great tasting slow-cooked food
- cannot burn food
- eco-friendly
- free (once the cooker is paid for)
- reduces the need for fossil fuels
- it's an accessible technology that can help poorer communities that have limited access to fuel
- can be made simply and cheaply using many readily accessible materials.

The drawbacks of solar cookers are:
- they do take a bit longer to cook
- you need direct sun
- you cannot use them on an overcast day