Film # 11 - How to Save Seeds: Part One (8 mins)

Spring abundance - so many flowers, so many bees, so many seeds. Here's how I collect my own seeds and make origami seed packets.

In my permaculture garden, now I am collecting brassica seeds and letting others fall to self-seed later.  In my new short film I follow the mustard spinach from flowering to seed collection. 

Also, did you know:

Mustard spinach seedpods -  almost ready to harvest. Nice and plump, just need to brown off.

Brassicas are such diverse, multifunctional and bountiful plants in the garden. Watch my new film to see how I collect brassica seeds and see my daughter Maia demonstrate how to make origami seed packets for storing and sharing seeds.

Click here to watch the 8 minute film:

When it comes to seeds, here are my tips:
 Other things going to seed in my garden right now include perennial welsh onion, rocket, lettuce, snow peas

Native and honey bees visiting my flowering perennial welsh onion today. 
Flowering lettuce - from the daisy family. 
Lettuce seeds - once the flowers have finished and dried, you can collect the seeds before they fly away.

Edible coriander/cilantro flowers.

My citrus is back in flower - the bees are all over them.

Origami Seed Packets

To make your own collection of origami seed packets, watch Maia's instructions in this short film and check out a previous post I have written with clear step-by-step photo instructions. You can use anything - newspaper, scrap paper ...

Maia's origami seed packets.

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