Do you want a weed-free garden? Film #12 Weed-Free Mulching by Morag Gamble (3 mins)

Do you want a weed-free garden? 

It's easy. How you mulch makes such a huge difference for on-going weed maintenance. 

In this 3 minute film, I show my new weed-free section of garden and contrast it with two other areas mulched differently.... The results speak for themselves even after just five weeks. 

  1. No weeds - used compost, newspaper and mulch
  2. Some weeds - used compost and mulch (no newspaper)
  3. Weedy - used compost, but no newspaper or mulch.

Watch my new 3 minute film about weed-free mulching:

With the Spring warmth and rain, the weeds are growing fast and the difference is obvious. 

The key is the newspaper - but not on the ground as usually described in no-dig garden instructions. I put my newspaper layer on top of the compost and cover it with mulch. I do this because the newspaper:

Take a look through this No Dig Gardening link from my blog to get more background information and see the step by step pictures on how to make a successful and simple no dig garden.

If you'd like more information about using newspaper, please check out this post too:

Happy Gardening!

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