Try This Laundry Cleaner That Grows On Trees - Effective, Simple, Eco and Cheap

Have you heard of Soapnuts?  They are a super simple, 100% natural, cheap and effective way to wash all your clothes. They are great for sensitive skin and the garden, support fair trade community enterprises in India, are a healthier option, help reduce electricity & water use, and save you money.  

I'm not sure why I had forgotten about these wondrous things - I had used them in the past. I'm so glad to have rediscovered them in my world. Thanks to Plastic-free July for making me reassess lots of my current practices.

 If you've heard of the, but been reluctant for one reason or other to try, I wholeheartedly encourage you to give them a go.  If you are already using them, let us know how you find them....

Soapnuts are not actually nuts, they are dried berries of the Indian Soapberry tree (Sapindus mukorossi). I think they are absolutely amazing - for all of the reasons I explain in this post and more - but particularly for inspiring my 8yo son to be interested in learning how to do laundry! He was super proud of himself today and wants this to be one of his jobs (woohoo!!)

Soapnuts inspired young Hugh to learn the ropes in the laundry today. He was super excited - me too!

Put a small handful in a little bag provided and toss into the washing machine - it's that simple!!

Here's some amazing bits of information about soapnuts. Check them out:
Lots of ways to use them...

All the things I look for in products...

I bought mine from New Internationalist because they were offering them at a good price, but mostly because I knew they would definitely be Fair Trade.