Film #6: How to Grow Urban Potatoes by Morag Gamble

Growing a sackful of potatoes in the city is super easy. Watch my new 5 minute film, How to Grow Urban Potatoes for step-by-step instructions.

All you need are a bag, sprouting spuds, compost, mulch and water (possibly enriched with worm juice).

There's many clever ways of making good use of space in small gardens. The simplicity and practicality of potato grow bags just makes so much sense - particularly in small urban food gardens, verge gardens, balcony gardens - but also for any kitchen garden that wants to use vertical growing space too.

Potato grow bags - use whatever you can find as the sack.

All you need to make a potato grow bag is:

  1. sprouting potatoes
  2. compost/rich potting mix
  3. sack or large bag
  4. handful of mulch
  5. water (enriched with worm farm liquid if possible)
Always select healthy sprouting potatoes to begin with. Here are kipflers and purple potatoes.

Click the image below to watch How to Grow Urban Potatoes.

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