Podcast #2: Could You Live Plastic Free - Morag Gamble on ABC Radio with Sarah Howells

Could you? What would it take dramatically cut down on throw-away plastic in our lives? I am trying this and acknowledge what a huge challenge this is. We are surrounded by it everyday. It takes consciousness, planning and commitment to try, to persist, to change, and to continue with a life with much less plastic.

Last week I had the pleasure of chatting with Sarah Howells on ABC Radio's Brisbane Evenings as Permaculture and Simple Living Correspondent about this issue.

Calling in for the interview with Sarah Howells on ABC Radio from my home office at Crystal Waters.

Here is the podcast, Could You Live Plastic Free?

This is the second of our monthly chats.  The theme this month was Plastic Free July and the ways we can particularly reduce single use plastic.

This conversation went to air on Tuesday 5th July at 8:30pm on 612 ABC Brisbane Evenings. The next interview will be same time on 2 August. I hope you can tune in. If not, I will post the interview as soon it is sent to me.

Recently I wrote a  post about Plastic Free July, including why we need to change and offering some simple things to do:

A few months earlier I wrote about how to go shopping without coming home with a load of 
Reducing containers that we bring into the home includes things like laundry liquid...why not try this DIY alternative. It is so simple to make and works a treat:

Other things to consider:

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