Our Permaculture Life: Film #4: Incredible Edibles Talk with Morag Gamble at the QLD Garden Expo

Film #4: Incredible Edibles Talk with Morag Gamble at the QLD Garden Expo

I love edible perennial plants and self-seeding annuals - they make gardening so much easier and very productive. I rely on these plants as the backbone of my edible landscape because they provide such resilience and abundance. They are so useful for food, fibre, fodder, teas, medicine, mulch, organic matter, income ...

I filmed my talk about Incredible Edibles at the Kitchen Garden Stage of the incredibly popular Queensland Garden Expo on July 10. In this talk, I share my passion for and knowledge about a some of my favourite plants and strategies. The plants I talk about here are also very helpful for verge gardeners, small space gardeners and community gardeners.

Congratulations and thank you to all the volunteers who set up the WONDERFUL edible demonstration gardens at the Expo with the verge garden theme - a huge effort!! It was great to ramble through it with Costa Georgiadis, Jerry Coleby-Williams and chat with old and new friends.

This recording is 42 mins.

FILMING NOTE: This is the first time I have tried to film my own talk (I usually have a helper) and of course, I forgot about the camera. At one stage I moved too close - oops - half a head.  A few minutes later I realise and move back again - please excuse this!

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