Our Permaculture Life: Film #3: How to Make Comfrey Tea with Morag Gamble (4:52mins)

Film #3: How to Make Comfrey Tea with Morag Gamble (4:52mins)

Every garden needs comfrey. It is so very useful. One way to use it is as a fabulous natural fertiliser for the kitchen garden. Here is one of the simplest ways I know to make Comfrey tea using just comfrey and water in under 5 minutes.

I have comfrey growing in various places throughout the garden - under fruit trees, near the compost, on the edge of the kitchen garden - an a couple in the midst of things like this one.

How to Make Comfrey Tea in under 5 minutes

Take a look at my clip FILM #3: HOW TO MAKE COMFREY TEA to see how easy it is to make (4:52 mins). 

Step 1: Collect comfrey leaves
Step 2: Tear up leaves into lidded bin
Step 3: Cover with water
Step 4: Wait for 6 weeks
Step 5: Dilute 1:10 with water.

I regularly harvest leaves and turn them into comfrey tea - a simple method using just comfrey and water in a lidded bin.

Comfrey leaves ripped up with water are covered with water then let steep for about 6 weeks - giving them a stir every now and then. 

For more information:

I wrote about making comfrey tea in more detail a few months back.  Here's the link if you'd like to read more:  http://our-permaculture-life.blogspot.com.au/2015/12/simple-homemade-natural-fertiliser.html

For other simple ideas on how to improve your soil, visit my post 5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Soil and Grow Better Food.

I also use comfrey tea to moisten and activate the soil in the beginning stages of making a no-dig garden. The method I have refined over the past 2 decades is super easy and super effective. Here is my explanation of how to make a no-dig garden. 

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