Our Permaculture Life: Film #2: Permaculture Community Garden with Morag Gamble (9 minutes)

Film #2: Permaculture Community Garden with Morag Gamble (9 minutes)

Yesterday I visited and filmed at another abundant permaculture garden - the lush Yandina Community Gardens on the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia. Wander through the gardens with me in this 9 minute film. Our Permaculture Life: Yandina Community Gardens.

Yandina Community Gardens are a wonderful example of community permaculture and a vibrant community hub. The cob oven team was busy yesterday feeding volunteers who helped to make their recent Open Day a great success. I was MC at the open day with Jerry Coleby Williams of ABC Gardening Australia and thoroughly enjoyed the day. Thanks to all the amazing people who volunteered their time to make it such a great opportunity for community connection and education, and to celebrate permaculture.

I look forward to teaching at this garden from September 2016 - I hope some of you can join me.

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During the celebration of community at the Yandina Community Gardens today I made this little film to share with you.

There's lots of fun for kids here too. Check out their website for some great plant info and recipes too - www.yandinacommunitygardens.com.au

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