10 Simple Ways to Rid Yourself of Single-Use Plastics for Plastic-Free July (and beyond)

In Plastic-free July aim to refuse single-use plastic and create new habits that carry past July 31. Here are some ideas:

Free veggies!

  1. Let your fruit and veg be free. You do not need to put them in those plastic bags provided on rolls. Take them loose to the checkout, use a paper bag if available, or make your own lightweight reusable fresh produce bags.
  2. Refuse to buy pre-wrapped fruits and vegetables.
  3. Choose paper or cloth-wrapped baking products.
  4. Make your own biscuits and crackers to avoid all that double packaging (here's a good cracker recipe) 
  5. Use beeswax wraps instead of cling wrap. (See here how to make your own cheaply)
  6. Try lining some with newspaper - not all your bins need a plastic liner.
  7. Refuse straws.
  8. Carry your own water bottle with you.
  9. Carry your own keep cup for take-away coffees.
  10. Take a plastic-wrap/packaging-free lunch out with you to avoid the need to purchase processed plastic-wrapped foods.

Home-made seedy crackers are super easy and quick - a great way to reduce the double-wrapped shop-bought versions. I think they are far more delicious too.
What have you been trying? 

What ideas have you got to help go plastic-free (particularly free from single-use plastics) this July?

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