Live a Permaculture Life: Learn with Morag Gamble at Crystal Waters Ecovillage

Come and live in a permaculture village for two weeks, learn permaculture design skills, relax, unwind, immerse yourself in simple living, permaculture gardens, and be surrounded by community, nature and wildlife.  From August 29 - September 9, I'll be running a residential Permaculture Design Course and I welcome you to register for this life-changing experience. I look forward to sharing our way of life, our garden, our home and our village with a small group of students. 

Now our kids are a little older and a little more independent, I have decided to open our garden and home to teach my first full permaculture design course in a number of years.  I do often host tours and short workshops, but I have always found that this two week course is really the best way to share the practical skills you need to design and establish an integrated permaculture system - in the city, on a homestead, in a school, in a community garden and in a range of climatic zones.  I like to fill my permaculture design course full of practical and visual inspiration for sustainable living and sustainable livelihoods. 

What I love about these courses too is that they bring together such a wonderful community of people. Actually, doing a course like this at Crystal Waters 23 years ago was where I met Evan, my wonderful husband. Pretty soon after the course, I moved from Melbourne to Brisbane and started creating Northey Street City Farm with Evan and other friends. Together we have travelled to over 20 countries working in permaculture and visiting amazing permaculture and ecovillage projects. There are so many people doing such amazing work in every community around the world! 

Evan and I in 1998 having just moved to Crystal Waters.
(Photo: Russ Grayson)
Evan and I moved to Crystal Waters in 1998. We looked after a studio at first in another part of the village, then eventually started building and developing our permaculture gardens from 2001.  If you range through my blog, you will see many pictures of what we have created. In our course, we'll share with you what we did, how we got there and show you how to design integrated permaculture systems for your home and/or community.

We look forward to welcoming a people here in August 29 - September 9 for our next Permaculture Design Course.

If you'd like to find out more about the course, please contact me (details in the Contact section above) or visit…/permaculture-design-course/

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