"Feeding the World and Saving the Planet" with Vandana Shiva

Vandana Shiva is a seed advocate, permaculture supporter and tireless campaigner for earth democracy and food sovereignty. She spoke in April about Making Peace with the Earth at the Powerhouse in Brisbane to a packed audience.

I took my 10yo daughter - it was a fabulous evening listening to Vandana again. I always feel so deeply inspired and motivated when I hear her speak. I also loved the chance to reconnect with a lot of old friends from around the region - people I have met through sustainability, permaculture and community projects over the past 2 decades.

Maia was engrossed and I could tell straight away that she learnt so much that night. I love being able to expose her to the thinking and ideas of people like this.  I can imagine the this will stay with her a long time.

I first met Vandana in 1992 when I was volunteering in Ladakh with Helena Norberg-Hodge. I attended a course with her at Schumacher College and I recently met her at the launch of the Bali Slow Food's seed saving program.


I've made a link here to Vandana's Powerhouse talk. It was recorded and played on Paul Barclay's Big Ideas show on Radio National on 13 June 2016:
Making Peace with the Earth: Dr Vandana Shiva in conversation with Paul Barclay


I wrote about going to this event  in a previous post and linked there to some of her writings.

Another very interesting read from Vandana Shiva is her Manifesto for Sustainability - published here in my all time favourite Resurgence Magazine.

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