Come and Say Hello at the Queensland Garden Expo 8-10 July

The Queensland Garden Expo is on soon from 8-10 July.  I'll be there on Friday 8th and Saturday 9th July. Please come and say hello if you live in the region.

This is where you can find me speaking during the 3 day event.

Friday 8 July, 1pm
Jacaranda Stage
Designing an abundant edible landscape in the subtropics

Saturday 9 July, 10am
Kitchen Garden Stage
Incredible Edibles: Cultivating diversity and resilience in your subtropical garden

I hope to catch up lots of old friends there, and meet many more. I'm particularly looking forward to catching up with Costa from ABC Gardening Australia again. He helped launched the University of Sunshine Coast Moving Feast Gardens on World Environment Day two years ago, and also ran a great session at the Real Food Festival with our School Kitchen Garden kids from projects around the hinterland.

Sunset panorama of our edible perennial garden.

Here's the full program of the QLD Garden Expo - lots of other fabulous speakers including Costa, Jerry Coleby-Williams, Annette McFarlane, Phil Dudman, Noel Burdette, Claire Bickle, Cath Manuel, Anne Gibson, Robin Clayfield and others.

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