How to Make Natural Laundry Powder - save money, reduce waste and chemicals in the home.

Making your own laundry powder is a quick and easy way to save money, to get rid of unwanted chemicals in the home, reduce packaging waste, and know what's in your products - and still effectively wash clothes. It literally takes minutes and costs just a few cents per wash.

Grate natural fair trade and organic soap - this one is peppermint castile soap and it smells amazing.

I am also so delighted that I don't need to walk down the smelly aisle anymore searching high and low for the eco-options. I really have to hold my breath.

This is the absolutely most simplest recipe I could find that is also suitable for greywater systems like mine. I discovered that a lot of homemade recipes contain borax - which can accumulate in the soil if, like ours, the greywater outlet is in a fixed location.

Even though I have typically used a liquid, I chose to make a laundry powder rather than the liquid for a couple of reasons - it is simpler and it does not require borax (liquids do).

After just a few moments of buzzing the ingredients together in the food processor, it is ready.




With my water, I find 3 tbspns for a full load just fine (I have a 5kg washer).

Extra tips

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