Are you a hippie?

If you relate to more than half of the above, you possibly could have already been labelled a 'hippie'.  I reckon though, the real hippie days are long gone.

It could be said that a lot of the actions and values I've described above have been influenced by the radical hippie movement of the 60s and 70s - living and working for social change, peace, freedom and the environment -  but there have also been many other philosophies, discoveries and ideas that have contributed to this way of thinking and living over the past 40 years too.

Am I a hippie?

I relate to all of the above points, but I don't identify as a hippie (I'm too young). I particularly try to avoid the hippie tag because of the negative connotations that typically come with it - I don't smoke or drink or have never been into drugs.  I try to avoid other tags too - it becomes to easy to be parcelled up and dismissed. Tags and labels seem to close people's minds to new possibilities and interesting ideas that are worth exploring.

I know I hold a bit of fear of being labelled a hippie. Considering where I live and what I do, I am an easy target. A recent article about my way of life had the title "Earth Mother, Eco-teacher". I admit I shuddered when I first read the words 'Earth Mother' describing me. It felt like a hippie label, but when I read the article, I realised the title had been given with much respect not condescension.  I think in that moment, I let go of some of my fear and I felt encouraged that this way of life is seen as a positive aspiration.

I love my work, particularly the Nature Kids and permaculture programs I run for kids and the community.
I am not trying to drop out of society. I have my whole life been dropping into living a positive, healthy, community-connected, earth-connected way of life. This feels purposeful to me and brings me a deep sense of joy and meaning. I live in an ecovillage, grow food, teach permaculture, live simply, dress simply, homeschool my kids... Does that make me a hippie? No.  I perhaps embrace a number of hippie culture qualities - love, peace, care for the earth, care for people, living simply and ethically - but I'm just me - me in relation to my community and environment.

Relaxed and happy - barefoot in the garden spreading compost, mulching and planting.

Labels are a great way to be boxed, dismissed and/or marketed to - best if possible to be avoided! Be free, be open, live well, love life, connect and make a positive contribution.

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