Wrapping cloths (Furoshiki) - a plastic bag alternative from ancient Japan.

Wrapping cloths are another great way to reduce dependence on plastic bags and contribute to a practice of low-impact living.

Furoshiki - Japanese wrapping cloth

Some simple suggestions on how to use the wrapping cloth.

Our Japanese WWOOFer left today with a departing gift of this traditional Japanese wrapping cloth. I love this idea and plan to make many more from my collection of fabrics. There are so many applications. It can be used as gift wrapping, shopping, carrying books, picnics, storing and sorting items, even clothing...

I did a bit of research about tonight about Furoshiki, the traditional Japanese wrapping cloth, and found that it has more than 1,200 years of history. It’s use dates back as early as the Nara Period (710-784) where it was used for keeping Emperors’ valuables. More recently they have been used to wrap clothing in bathhouses.

With the rise of plastic use in the post-war Japan, furoshiki went into decline. Now however, many people renewing the practice. About 10 years ago, the Japanese Minister of the Environment created the “Mottainai Furoshiki” to try to get people using this again. 

I cannot wait to keep experimenting - and finding as many uses as possible. Another great idea for simple, plastic free living.

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