Yarn bombing - colouring the streets with knitting and crochet

Yarn bombing's popularity has spread across the world over the past decade and reached our little town. Knitters and crocheters will take over Maleny from June 10-12 and the whole town will be yarn bombed.  This is part of the Yarn and Fibre Arts Festival of Maleny.  It's going to be amazing!

A couple of years ago at the Gippsland lakes I saw curious signposts covered in knitting, fence tops crocheted, trees with jumpers on, bicycle racks decorated - it was so colourful, so eclectic, so unusual - just wonderful. I had idea it was a global movement.

I am so delighted to learn that the yarners in Maleny have initiated this event. The only problem is I can sew, but I am a very slow knitter, and even slower at crochet.  Maia wants to join in, and I'd love to too.

To learn, we've decided to join the Yarn and Fibre Arts Group that meets at the local library every Thursday morning. Today was our first visit and Maia got started.

Here are some examples from around the world....

I have been noticing more and more referenced to knitted and crocheted facewashers and dishcloths.  So, as well as making pieces of bunting for Maleny, I am going to aim to make a whole set of cotton washers and cloths at home to replace any need for paper towelling or non-biodegradable wipes. Each time, I hope to refine my skills and techniques. There are so many free patterns online - and I'm sure the ladies at the fibre arts group will be able to show us lots of tricks. This is going to be fun.

It's really been a textiles kind of week. On Tuesday morning many of the community clubs in Maleny had an expo to showcase the projects and activities available to locals. This is where we met the yarn bombers, but also the Maleny Arts and Crafts Group. Unfortunately  they don't currently have any programs for children.  There'd be so so many children around here that would love all the types of making and creating they do - from pottery to spinning, to weaving, painting and more. I am hoping they may offer some sessions soon.  They were very encouraging of the kids and were very patient teaching Maia and Hugh how to spin.  I loved the portable version they had from New Zealand.

Hugh produced a really lovely length of yarn on this portable spinning wheel. 

 Maia really wants to get a couple of Alpacas. This week has been a great introduction to the kinds of skills she'll need to cultivate to use their wool.

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